1.1. Cookie notice (also – “Notice”) – this Cookie notice.
1.2. EU/EEA – European Union and European Economic Area.
1.3. You – individual, who is using the computer or other device to access the Webpage.
1.4. Lendiscore (or “we”) – SIA “Lendiscore”, registration No. 40203251925, legal address: Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 118, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia.
1.5. Webpage – Our webpage available at: www.lendiscore.com

This Cookie notice provides you with information about cookies we use, and for which purposes we use them. You can manage your cookie preferences at any time. This Notice is applicable always when you use our Webpage, therefore you must read it each time before you use the Webpage and adjust your cookie preferences.

Cookies are small pieces of information, normally consisting of just letters and numbers, which are provided when you are visiting a website. Software on your device (for example a web browser) can store cookies and then send them back to the website next time you visit. In general, Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user’s device. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to owners of the website. Without cookies, or some similar method, websites would have no way to “remember” anything about visitors, such as how many items are in a shopping basket or whether they are logged.

Functions usually performed by a cookie can be achieved by other means. This could include, for example, using certain technologies to identify devices so that visits to a website can be analyzed. Such technologies that store or access information on user’s device could include, for example, scripts, tracking pixels, web beacons, etc.

In this Notice we will use single term “Cookies” to refer to cookies and similar technologies.

Cookies can be of different types, for instance:
(a) “Session” and “persistent” cookies – “Session cookies” are those that expire at the end of a browser session (normally when you exit your browser). “Persistent cookies” are those, that can be stored for longer.

Session cookies allow a website to recognize and link the actions of a user during a browser session. They can be used for different purposes, for instance, remembering what a user has put in their shopping basket as they browse around the site. Cookies can also be used for security purposes, such as when a user logs into their account. These session cookies expire after a session ends, so would not be stored beyond this.

Persistent cookies are stored on user’s device in-between session. They can allow the preferences or actions of the user across a site (or across different websites) to be remembered. Persistent cookies also may be used for different purposes including, for instance, to target advertising. Expiation term of persistent cookies is usually set by a website operator. A user can also delete previously set persistent cookies manually or configure the browsing settings to delete cookies at a set interval.

(b) “First-party” and “third-party” cookies – Whether cookie is “first” or “third” party refers to the website or domain placing the cookie. First-party cookies are set directly by the website the user is visiting (i.e., the URL displayed in the browser’s address bar). Third-party cookies are set by a domain other than the one the user is visiting (e.g., by online advertising network, social media platforms, etc.). This typically occurs when the website incorporates elements from other sites, such as images, social media plugins or advertising. When the browser or other software fetches these elements from the other sites, they can set cookies as well.

5.1. Strictly necessary Cookies
Strictly necessary Cookies ensure that our Webpage is able to function properly. We do not have to ask for your consent to store these Cookies on your browser. These Cookies may help you log on to your profile; provide core services and features; keep our Webpage secure (e.g., make sure that the Webpage is only accesses by genuine users and keep you safe); detect fraud or crime (e.g., help us identify suspicious behavior on the Webpage so we can protect both you and us from fraud).

We work with service providers and third parties who also set these cookies on this Webpage.

Name of the Cookie: Service provider/ Domain: Purpose: Term:
cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessary lendiscore.com This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category ‘Necessary’. 1 year

5.2. Optional Cookies
We would also like to use Cookies to provide optional features, improve our Webpage and support advertising and social media.

However, we understand that not everyone likes data to be collected about them when it is not strictly necessary, and therefore we will ask you to set your preferences when you first visit our Webpage. To make it easier to choose which optional Cookies to accept, we have organized these Cookies by category. You can choose which categories you would be happy for us to use in your Cookie settings and make changes at any time.

(a) Functionality cookies
These Cookies allow us to make your visit to our Webpage more personalized. For instance, these Cookies may help to remember choices you make when you use our Webpage; customize what you see on our Webpage and where, based on what we know about you; etc.

We may work with service providers and third parties who also set these Cookies on this Webpage.

(b) Performance and tracking cookies
These Cookies help us understand how people use our Webpage. We can then use this data to improve how our Webpage works. For instance, we may use analytics providers to identify and count visits to our Webpage and to see which pages people go to and what they do there.

We may work with service providers and third parties who also set these cookies on this Webpage.

(c) Advertising and targeting cookies
We and our partners use these Cookies to understand what you are interested in on our Webpage and on social media. These Cookies may also identify which other website may have directed you to our Webpage. This helps us or our partners to personalize our marketing to you, including online advertising and through post, email, telephone, text, secure message or social media. You can change your mind on how you receive certain types of marketing message or choose to stop receiving them at any time.

We may work with service providers and third parties who also set these cookies on this Webpage.

The length of time for which Cookies are stored on your browser varies depending on the Cookie. Some Cookies only last for your online session, whereas others will stay on your browser for a longer period. We aim to set our Cookies for no longer than 13 months and are working with our trusted partners to ensure Cookies are always set for a reasonable period of time.

Your preferences are stored in Cookies stored on your browser. If you switch off a category of Cookies that you have previously accepted, then for technical reasons those Cookies will not be deleted. To delete Cookies from your browser, we recommend that you clear your browser data. If you do this, or change browser, we will ask for your preferences again when you next visit our Webpage.

The information Cookies collect, and how we use information, may in some cases count as personal data processing. We can collect such information as IP address and visit date. Additional information on personal data protection is available in our Privacy Notice.

You can use your browser settings to delete Cookies that have already been set at any time. You can also use your browser settings to manage Cookies (for example, to switch off a Cookie altogether). However, if you do this, it could mean that we can not use strictly necessary Cookies properly and therefore parts of our Webpage may not work correctly.

For more information about how to use your browser settings to clear your browser data or to manage Cookies, check your browser “Help” function.

For more information on this Notice and our use of Cookies, please contact us at management@lendiscore.com.

We may update this Notice from time to time. The most recent version can be found at our Webpage.