Professional scoring services for everyone

We can take your business to the next level

You can get to know your customers in easiest way! Thanks to the scoring evaluation provided by our company, you can offer special promotions to your most valuable customers in any market possible, potentially moving forward your businesses and boosting the revenue.

Why we succeed?


As a modern company we very much rely on strong information technologies which works in close synergy with our human resources.

Data Science

Data-driven decision-making is what ensures our success. We base our decisions on advanced credit scoring models. By deploying state-of-the-art models we are able to gather data quickly and effectively.


Our corporate values, ambitions and our good reputation have attracted the greatest minds from the industry and led great people from other areas of the economy to join our team.

Our Services

Ancillary service consisting in collecting and verifying the financial and economic data concerning the customer, contained in the databases, and professionally analysing this data in terms of credit risk, as well as preparing a report reflecting the creditworthiness assessment of the customer in order to  facilitate the receipt of financial services

Exceeding Your Expectations With An Individual Approach

With an individual approach, we will provide the best suited options for your customers and your company

  • We will offer you scoring service based on intelligent management systems
  • Successfully providing the customers satisfaction with the lowest possible evaluation time
  • We listen actively to your needs, constantly improving and developing our solutions helping your business thrive

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